Keep your best clients

E-helix is built exclusively for restaurants. The flexibility and proper web management of your business are our mainframe work. We expand functionality, web design, marketing and social media, all in an affordable price and service. The clouding based e-helix software allows you to customize your online business, specifically designed to work from desktop screens to portable and mobile devices. The application is responsive and can be viewed from any mobile gadget – not necessary download as an app overloading and require an additional, process. Furthermore, the user can be informed daily straight from the administrator with no additional menu prints, phone calls or announcements from the front desk. The easy-to-use and functional layout menu with additional pictures or video of the premises, food and special directories and services, is manageable from the owner and accessible from the customer at any time and day.

_ Online Menu with images & videos
_ Online Reservations
_ Seasonal events
_ Marketing with direct mail
_ Circa Social Media
_ Easy to use with updates
_ The comparative advantage of using new technology (mobile, web) to manage demanding clientele and upgrade your services